Can I Sleep In The It Works Wrap?

You can add a little “Skinny Sleep” to your beauty sleep, you sly little minx.

Just 45 minutes is all that is necessary but you can wear the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap longer if you want.

If it is your first time using It Works body wrap, you should only leave it on for 45 minutes, to test your skin’s sensitivity. After that you’re good to go!

To wrap before bed follow these instructions:

  1. Take a shower/bath
  2. Do not use lotions, butters, oils or anything else on the area to be wrapped.
  3. Take your before picture
  4. open the wrap, unfold and place on area to be treated
  5. Secure in place with fab wrap and snug fitting clothing
  6. Enjoy your nights rest

Upon waking in the morning, simply remove and discard the body wrap, massage the cream into your skin, take your after picture, and go about your day.

Don’t forget to drink your water!