Can Body Wraps Help Lose Arm and Back Fat?

Yes, body wraps and It Works Defining Gel can help you wear that strapless dress without fear of the jiggling armpit fat spillage!

One of the best things about the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap is it’s versatility. It can be used everywhere on your body from your chin/neck area all the way down to your toes and places in between, including the hard-to-lose flabby upper arm and back/bra line areas.


Close The Bakery Because The Rolls Are GONE!

Body wraps are a non-invasive option to get rid of loose arm fat and cellulite that has collected in the underarm regions. It is a lot less expensive and pain-free way of going sleeveless instead of the invasive surgery route.

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As with any procedure there is some downtime. You will need to sit still for at least 45 minutes for each wrap session (that is about the same amount of time as an episode of your favorite TV show) and drink water.

The size of your arm determines whether you will need to use one whole wrap on each arm or if you can cut one wrap, using one half on each arm and simply follow the same instructions printed on the back of the Ultimate Body Applicator


Take your pictures and drink your water. You cannot trust your naked eyes to see your results because you may not notice subtle changes to your own body by just looking in a mirror. Having before and after pictures gives you a visual to compare your results to.

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